Syphos is your partner for turnkey photonic integrated circuit (PIC) development. We specialize in PICs based on indium phosphide, silicon nitride, and silicon on insulator, providing flexibility to meet your unique requirements. Syphos ensures comprehensive manufacturing support, leading to the delivery of known good dies ready for integration.

Every project begins at the conceptualization phase. Our goal is to start the project the right way as we believe that in-depth planning will lead to minimized cost, time and risks. Our expertise allows us to rapidly converge to an optimal solution for your specific needs. Mainly, we work with your team to identify:

  • the best process, foundry and design tools within the industry, specific to your application
  • the overall system integration requirements and interfaces
  • the packaging, testing and supply chain strategy
  • the key technological challenges and commercial risks

We build on validated components and subsystems and focus on circuit-level behaviour to achieve better performance at a fraction of the effort it would take to start from scratch. Our customized chips are designed with testing, packaging and manufacturing in mind, again with the goal of acceleration. We use a system engineering mindset and understand that the chip must integrate seamlessly and work with your complete system. Full system modelling and tolerancing, when combined with experience, allows us to aim for first-time-right design.

We leverage the maturity of the semiconductor photonics ecosystem to fabricate the PICs. Building on state-of-the-art foundries ensures the fastest development time by minimizing the number of iterations to reach the specifications. The foundry choice is made from reliable partners, and we can fabricate on all mature material platforms, including indium phosphide, silicon on insulator and silicon nitride on insulator.

Testing and packaging make up the bulk of an integrated photonics product cost. Our strategy to reduce this barrier is standardization and systematization. That is why we work with trusted partners to offer standard evaluation and prototypes packaging options and systematic wafer-level testing routines compatible with our PICs. The result is the delivery of know-good dies or validated and packaged chips.

In addition to our turnkey offering, our team can help you achieve your goals through customized projects, from component modelling to supply chain support, and much more.

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Philippe Jean, Ph.D

Sylvain Boudreau, Ph.D.

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